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About This Project

Additional Temple View Apartments are under construction. Temple View Apartment Buildings A3 and B3 are another two of the three structures for the second phase of the New Temple View Apartment Project. These two buildings have the same structure as in the new TVA Building A1, with a little difference in the exterior. Like the new TVA Building A1, TVA A3 and B3 will be constructed with insulated concrete forms (ICF) that have no wood to overcome many of the challenges of the existing construction. They are hurricane-resistant, mold-resistant, and insect-resistant and have high insulation value. Each unit will have the following:

  1. 9’-0” ceilings.
  2. Windows are located to increase airflow inside the unit to improve passive cooling.
  3. High-efficiency hot water system.
  4. Each unit has individual WIFI.
  5. Each unit has its own washer and dryer.
  6. New LED light fixtures.
  7. New hardwood cabinets.
  8. New quartz countertops.
  9. New luxury vinyl Tile flooring.
  10. New high-efficiency appliances.
  11. New furnishings.

Timeline and Updates of the Project

Completion Date

Fall of 2025

Recent Updates

July 2023

  • Building A3: Roofing and window installation have been completed.
  • Building B3: Wall erection has progressed to the start of the third floor.
  • Building B4: The erection of the building is scheduled to take place within the next couple of weeks.

August 2023

  • Building A3: Interior finishing work has advanced to the second floor.
  • Building B3: Framing for Level 3 has progressed within the building's interior.
  • Building B4: Initial placement of ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms) will begin for the first six units.

September 2023

  • Building A3: Exterior work is mostly completed. Gutter installation is ongoing, and flooring preparations are underway.
  • Building B3: Tar paper is currently being installed on the roof.
  • Building B4: ICF installation is progressing and reaching the top of the second level.
  • Building A4: Excavation for the elevator trench is in progress.

Construction Gallery