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New Hale Buildings

About This Project

Additional on-campus housing for single students will be located behind the current single-student hales. These new hales will serve as single student dormitories. These hales are apartment-style buildings similar to Hales 4, 5, 6, 7, and 10. They will be four stories high and will accommodate six students per room. Each floor will have approximately fourteen units. The new project will add housing for 900 to 1,000 single students. These hales will also be equipped with surf/bike racks.

Timeline and Updates of the Project

Completion Date

Hale 13 - Mid 2024
Hale 12 - Fall 2024
Hale 11 - Winter 2025

Recent Update

June 2023

  • Hale 13: Roof completion is ongoing on the North with the current wall installation.
  • Hale 12: Concrete pour and preparation are currently ongoing to prepare for the erection of this building.
  • Hale 11: Work is being done on the Surfboard and Bike storage area on this Hale.

July 2023

  • Hale 13: Walkways have been poured for multiple floors in this building. Window installation is expected in the coming weeks.
  • Hale 12: Structural steel placement is set to begin at the end of this month.
  • Hale 11: Various quality control activities are currently underway for this building.

August 2023

  • Hale 13: Drywall installation for Level 1 is in progress and will continue for the next few weeks.
  • Hale 12: The construction of the elevator shaft for this building is nearly complete.
  • Hale 11: Quality control measures are actively being conducted for various aspects of this building.

Construction Gallery