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Mikionele Way Extension

A grading plan for the proposed Mikionele Way extension and construction area going from the edge of the Multi-Purpose Center parking lot and the Housing Office Building, past Temple View Apartment Building Z and connecting to Naniloa Loop with an additional small parking lot near the Teacher Education Building and Naniloa Loop. The entrance to the small parking lot is from the Mikionele Way extension about midway between the Housing Office Building intersection and Naniloa Loop.
Grading Plan for Mikionele Way Extension

Project Summary

Completion Date: October 2020

The intent of this road is to provide an additional/alternate route to access the back of campus. With the extension from TVA to Naniloa Loop this important secondary route improves campus operations and reduce vehicle trips on the Academic Oval. Not only this improves the efficiency of servicing campus, it also improves safety for students, staff, and faculty in the center of campus.

Construction Gallery